with the Prometheans


Are you looking for a unique kitesurfing

experience pre-PHX in the Netherlands?

Are you ready to kitesurf the Netherlands? Can you handle the open ocean and face wave conditions similar to Capetown? Are you ready to rip your heart out and do 7-8 bottom turns on one wave?

Then join us!

Join us on September 24th for a kite adventure to “Razende bol” (Raging ball in Dutch), a sandbar in the North Sea, about three kilometers from mainland Holland. The sandbar covers an area of about five square kilometers, and houses many seabirds and seals. Besides clean waves, it also provides area of flat water and onshore jumping.

Typically this spot will offer the hardest winds in The Netherlands. However, if the wind is not right, we will organize another great activity, like a trip around Razende bol by SUP, or we will find another spot where we can kite (or do downwinder).

We will leave from Amsterdam and drive 100km or 1.5 hours to Huisduinen. There we gear up and kite to Razende bol for 2-4 hour session. The time of departure will depend on the tide and wind conditions.

We look forward to meeting our courageous Promethean kitesurfers!

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KITE WITH WORLD RENOWned kite surfers


Meet the kiters


Susi Mai

She won the prestigious “Red Bull King of the Air” award three times in a row (2003, 2004, and 2005), and consistently achieved a top five position on the Kiteboarding World Tour.

Susi then partnered with investor Bill Tai, to cofound MaiTai Global, non-profit organization that connected top start-up founders, investors, and professional athletes, donating the proceeds to ocean conservation.

Now Susi focuses on Ocean Summit, a diverse group of scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, explorers, artists with a mission to protect the ocean.


Francisco Lufinha

Francesco has three Kitesurf World Records including the first man in the world to navigate two nights straight standing on a board, after a 48h non-stop kitesurf trip between Lisbon and Madeira.

Francesco now runs a company for organizing extreme kite challenges in Portugal and abroad.

Francesco is most focused on using his achievements to help preserve our planet and specially the ocean.