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Looking Back

it all started with AngeL Island


In the last five years, we gathered and connected the most influential people on this planet with passion and purpose.

In 2016 we realized there’s a necessity for an unconventional happening. To create a safe space, dare we say, to shift perspectives. 

“Out there,” yet not over the edge. A perfect stage to create new and valuable links: new links with unexpected individuals who we would not engage in real life but who would become our comrades.

Fast-forward three years: September 26th, 2018. Angel Island

Our goal was to create the ultimate safe haven for original thinkers, founders and investors and create the most inclusive, yet exclusive tech unconference on this planet. Uncompromised. Non-judgemental. Open. Meaningful.

Whilst the days were set in mystery, our crew tried to make sure that within the chaos, actual and intrinsically motivated connections were made.

We believe it takes an entire ecosystem to bring up the next Spotifys and Adyens of Europe.

We believe that this is about radical inclusion. A new paradigm, a construct to replace the concept of the zero-sum game.

We can all be winners.

We promised to do better alongside 550 guests.

And here’s what we did.. We shared our story. No grand opening. No figureheads. Just a letter entailing our most personal thoughts.

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