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Prince Constantijn van Oranje

PHX is the rebirth of the Angel Island unconference, which was created to connect founders and investors from all over the world. An intimate and unique event that managed to draw an incredible international crowd to Amsterdam, contributing to a better connection of Dutch founders and investors to the most relevant international networks.

This is why StartupDelta and myself personally have invested in Angel Island, and now PHX.

PHX is about creating networks of diverse people, engaged in building and funding businesses and exploring how tech impacts our world and how we can achieve positive change.

PHX is really something special, you will understand once you experience it.

We invite you to join this exceptional network.


Daniel Dumig

If you want to set a new standard, work with pioneers.

We here at the ASICS TenKan-Ten Growth Catalyst wanted to disrupt the traditional Demo Day via the creation of a new “TenKan-Ten Investor Netwalking” experience in Berlin, Paris and London

So, we teamed up with Shahar and Ton and their team at PHX - as they are the ones who inspired us most in 2018 with their concept and execution of Angel Island.

When you are organizing an event nothing good happens without an outstanding guest list - and building guest lists is an art! It´s like the culinary experience you want to deliver to your guests during the event – mix in the spices in an exciting way to make a superb dish - but don´t get too crazy with it.

So, if Shahar and Ton were cooks and PHX was a restaurant - then you could definitely find them in the 2019 Michelin Guide!

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