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Connecting the unconnected to write new stories for the future. A voluntary initiative comprising a very diverse group of people from various backgrounds: from founders to artists, to scientists, from investors to self-starters.

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We are allies

We are connected, no longer in competition for wealth, power or control. We work together to advocate what we believe in the most; a world with limitless improvement possibilities.

From cutting edge technology, to compassionate impact, to the very essence of being human, we are the people creating the new storylines. From the beliefs we have, the questions that we ask, and the answers we find – through the work we do.

In September,

over the course of 24 hours we will engage in an open discourse presenting the themes and topics that are fundamentally shaping modernity.

What we have learned from modern day quantum physics, the energy transition, the future of money, the new frontiers of space exploration, the arts, music, the green industrial revolution, and all the lessons from the past is that as time flows on ‘modernity’ changes it’s form.

PHX will connect the dots between scientists, technologists, investors, creatives and artists who are positively shaping our collective future.

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OUR vision

We’re entering a new dawn.

The age of science and exploration. Of freedom. Self-expression. Non-conformity. Self-reliance.

The time has come to thoroughly rethink the way we spend our time, with whom, why and for what reason.

What are we missing?

Consider this. What if we could engineer and fabricate moments of serendipity that lead to the creation of new ideas, transparency, a higher state of awareness, the notion that “we’re all in this together”?

We are not perfect. We are not prophets. We are realists. We’re conflicted. We don’t have all the answers. We feel there is something unsaid — something laying dormant in our innermost thoughts.

We’re not against one thing or another. We’re not trying to provide any answers; in fact we don’t even know which questions to ask.

We feel strongly that this is the time to construct new ideas and practices that will bridge this “in between” gap — the space between stories — the story that has yet to be written.

Where we will create new and valuable links: new links between neurons and unrelated ideas; new links with unexpected individuals who we would not engage in real life but that would become our comrades; new links between our self and our self to be.

It’s a pivotal moment in human history, where modern Prometheans and luminaries will be asked to steal the fire themselves, and bring it back to humanity.

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the phx ethos

embrace a new standard of higher purpose

We are an alliance with a greater mission focused on good and positive actions embracing a new standard of higher purpose rather than just focusing on immediate business gains.

Think of the future generations

We take responsibility towards our actions and their influence on the future generations to come.

bond through SElf transformation

We encourage self-transformation and discovery through the power of bonding with either like-minded or different. Grow into the person you want to be.

Don’t judge, embrace openly

We commoditize inclusivity, diversity, freedom of identity, and self-expression. We don’t judge, but accept each other for who we are and whom we want to become.

endorse the unimaginable

We endorse the unimaginable, and make it achievable. Embrace the positive impact you could have on the world if you follow the possibilities of What If

embrace the whole before the ego

We endorse the abandonment of ego. We celebrate others first, then ourselves.

becoming the best version of ourselves

We focus on becoming the best version of ourselves and help others to do the same.